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Here is the part that talks about me!

“On opening night, “Mary Lennox” was played by Peyton Kirkner (a role shared with Maya Grace Fischbein throughout the run.) This is a demanding role for an actress of any age, but Miss Kirkner heroically rises to its challenges, and fulfills its every promise! “I’ve never seen a child sit so still or look so old” Archibald’s housekeeper “Mrs. Medlock” observes of the girl when she is sent to fetch her. Still, even in her petulance, Kirkner admirably allows “Mary’s” vulnerability to shine through. “I Heard Someone Crying” is our first chance to authentically hear how capably she can interpret a lyric and infuse it with feeling, which is soon followed by her part in “Show Me The Key”, as her new friend “Dickon” tries to teach her that the true way to speak to nature is through Yorkshire verbiage. This latter undertaking is both amusing and enjoyable, and by its finish, she pulls out all the stops heartily winning us over so when “Mary” miraculously, does find the object she’s seeking, it’s a victory–not just for her, but for those of us watching to boot! Acting-wise she proves especially clever too. During the introductory lines leading up to “A Piece Of Earth” when “Mary” asks her Uncle if she may start a garden of her own, Kirkner very subtly conveys this desire with a slight Yorkshire syntax –a brilliant acting choice even performers with far more stage-time under their belts wouldn’t think to do! After intermission, she effectively launches the second act with “The Girl I Mean To Be”—a pristine solo which again reminds us (as if it were needed,) exactly how skilled a singer this young performer truly is!”  Leo Buck @ BuckingTrends (Los Angeles/Regional Theatre Reviewer)

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